Frequently asked Questions – and of course our answers!

If you are not sure about the appropriate model you may also answer the questions on this productfinder page

Can i use the Easy Quick with an frontal rescue system?
The Easy Quick standard model is not qualified for a usage with a frontal rescue system. The lines of the parachute can get in conflict with the release system.

The Easy Quick T is the model of your choice if you have a frontal rescue system

Where can I get spare parts for the release?
Just drop us a E-Mail via the contact page or direct to service@schleppklinke.de

Is a periodic inspection required?
No periodic inspection required. Please check your Easy Quick against damages, proof the functionality and keep them properly.

Can I use the Easy Quick with an lying harness?
You can use it with your lying harness. Please ensure that during flight your acceleration system is fully performant and not pre accelerated by the tow release.